Drinking water

One change at a time, slow and easy wins.
Two big glasses of water the first thing in the morning.
When well hydrated, everything in our body works better . Water improves bowel function. Even if you’re not thirsty or feel too full, drink the water. The feeling of fullness will pass and your body will thank you for it. This is a realistic first step that EVERYONE can do! Give it a shot for 5-7 days. You just might feel the difference that quickly. 
Water is something we interact with very frequently: we bathe in it, wash with it, drink it and give it to our pets. It is the medium of transport in our bodies. Blood, lymph, cerebro-spinal fluid, joint fluids and eye lubricant are all primarily water. If you're deficient of water your cells can be as parched as a California farm suffering from the current drought.
Water can be one of the most toxic things in our lives. So, I advise you to make sure your water is truly clean from microorganisms, persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals. Within your price range, get the best water, or the best water filter, you can. Filtered water and reverse osmosis notwithstanding,

Clean Spring water is probably the best. Knowing the source of it (when buying it bottled) also helps. Read More