The need for this essential mineral is a required part of hundreds of different biochemical reactions in the body, meaning that consuming more of this nutrient will keep almost all parts of your body healthy. From protein formation to the maintenance of your very DNA, magnesium plays a hugely important role. Helps convert food to energy.

By increasing your intake, you’ll also help keep your muscles contracting and relaxing properly, and even ensure neurotransmitters communicate effectively with the rest of your body.

Golden Milk

Helps with Nighttime Pain

and Insomnia

1 Tsp to 1 T Paste

to 6-8 Warm Coconut or Almond Milk

add organic honey if you like

 Organic Kitchen Cough Stopper

2 T Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

2 T Organic Raw Honey

2 T Water

1/4 Tsp Cayenne Pepper

1/4 Tsp Ground Ginger

Blend all together, keep in fridge for longer life, take a spoonful when in need.

Calm Magnesium Powder  • Easy • Inexpensive • Bioavailable Immediately

My Recipe Turmeric Paste

bring 1 Cup Water to almost boiling

Add 1/2 Cup Turmeric Powder - stir to blend

Lower heat

Add 2 to 2 1/2 Tsp freshly ground black peppercorns

Add 2 Tsp Ceylon Cinnamon

Slowly Add 5 T Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

  or Extra Virgin Olive Oil and stir very well

Cool then keep in fridge - 2 week shelf life


Muscle Cramping
Blood Pressure

Healthy Immune


Heart Beat


Central Nervous System




Muscle Cramping



Digestive System

Bone Health


Gut health

it's where our immune system resides and is also referred to as our 2nd brain     

My Lay Person's View

Acid Reflux

My Lay Person's View


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My Lay Person's View

paleo and clean eating

The Good News About


    My Lay Person's View

inflammation and illness

​​On this, The Reading Roompageyou'll find links to several relevant topics, which when opened will give you my "Lay Person" overview of, or perspective formed through, my personal experiences along with links to Clinical and/or Professional evaluations of the topic.  I believe these topics are vital to our health, chosen also because of their relationship to one another and also because the understanding of each has had a profound effect on my healing. 

Also this page will eventually be a resource for books, articles and websites where I find cutting edge and state of the art information on all things nutrition & overall wellness. As much as possible I'm picking articles from leading experts in a particular field, whose ideas I have embraced toward my own better health.

You might notice I don't talk about weight loss much. What I know is that being healthy is the goal. To feed and properly maintain this fantastic machine called the body is the first step, and with consistently, optimum nutrition and a moderately sane lifestyle, our weight and percentage of fat to muscle will happen as if in a magic trick we can never comprehend. The body wants to be well, and it will reward all our efforts with good health, stellar energy, a quick brain and the longevity that is our right.



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