Phil Colaprete Bio

I've known Phil since Coffee Grinder Days in Carpinteria,

early 90s. It was Phil who talked Bill Savoy into becoming a DJ at the University's KCSB radio station 91.9 fm. This hobby became one of the great joys of Bill's life, him often spending 3-4 hours a week preparing for his 2 hr weekly show, Music Soup. Phil has lived in Los Osos, California (southern end of MorrowBay) for the last 6 years after spending 30 years in Carpinteria. Originally from Brockport, NY, he is now mostly retired and enjoys exploring the surrounding beauty with his camera and creating abstract art. He says that Mother Nature has many different areas to explore such as mushrooms and fungi, flowers, insects, birds and animals.The range can be from the tiny macro world of insects to the universe and outer space. He also continues his abstract art in various physical mediums along with the exciting world of digital and computer art.


Phil colaprete photography - Los osos, california