Welcome  This website started as a place to park the copious amounts of information I was accumulating while facing a medical crisis a few years ago.See My Story The results of my research about food and nutrition has turned out to be a blessing in many different ways. Growing up eating the average 1950's food, many of us were clueless about food's impact on our health. In my world Health Food Stores were for someone else. Couple that with the many foods today that have become difficult for the average person to digest, and we're now experiencing an onslaught of chronic health problems. Until recently, we've lacked advocates to help us make better choices but change is coming.  While we spend billions annually looking for cures, most disease has dietary origins and the biggies (cancer, heart disease, diabetes) are preventable, avoidable and even predictable. I have adopted a Functional Medicine  approach to my healing for this reason. I believe simply understanding the issue of Inflammation, then acting on that knowledge, could bring healing to the majority of those who unknowingly consume toxins and whose health has suffered accordingly.  Most people are born healthy. Fast, convenient and processed foods are generally unhealthy and addictive.

  I believe maximizing nutrition, the most critical of the lifestyle issues to work on, where small changes reap enormous benefits quickly. The following pages contain info-graphics to illustrate many benefits of natural, whole and live foods. Associated websites, are included in many of them, for further research if   interested. There are endless approaches, as all natural foods have many different healing properties. At the Reading Room  page, I present the topics I believe to be the most vital to becoming and staying healthy as well as random naturally healing formulas and recipes I've used and benefitted from.

               For maximum nutrition, enjoy a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, spices and healing tonics daily

       And Here's To Your Continuing Good Health

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Not a complete list of my foods, just those I found infographics for. Associated websites included where available  

I will continue to add info-graphics as I find them. ‚Äč

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