I don’t charge to share this information as it is my passion, and I would not want remuneration to be an issue when helping others make decisions about their nutrition. However, for the services I do provide, for which am compensated, happily I might add, please visit my On Line Brochure at: www.facilitatorforhire.com

The name Functional Medicine (considered Alternative) is, I believe, the paradigm shift in health care we've needed desperately. It focuses on the person as a whole whereas allopathic (Western Medicine) focuses on symptoms. And of course there is a need for both but prevention through education and employment of natural, healthy choices should be the first order of business and that means us taking the responsibility for our own health care. Functional Medicine does exactly that because we're participants in our wellness.

Disclaimer/Mission Statement


I am not a doctor, nor a qualified healthcare practitioner of any sort, but I do recommend consulting yours before making any major nutrition or other lifestyle change. As a result of several medical challenges, (My Story) I’ve accumulated hundreds of hours of research on wellness generally, nutrition specifically. I continue to work in an unpaid capacity to help others benefit from ongoing research and to remain steadfast in my commitment to learn then share truth about food from farm to fork. Although I believe these pages will help everyone, I realize my primary focus is the baby boomers because the nutrition we came to believe was healthful has taken a great toll on our maturing bodies and it's time we make a serious effort toward the longevity that is our right. I’m here to let you know what worked for me, which simply put, was being able to choose from many different options. Change happens when we can make small steps toward our goals.


Health IS Wealth, And Here’s To Yours!