"Annette easily adapts to changing business conditions and is excellent at setting up management systems. She always worked well with our agents and suppliers, as well as at overseeing and guiding our office interns. During extensive periods of my overseas travels, she easily kept the business going in a seamless manner. I recommend her highly.  Alison Jones, Project Director-Lead Photographer, NOWATER-NOLIFE.ORG

"Annette has the character we as business people aspire to. Annette is one of the most thoughtful, helpful, and genuine people I know. I am proud to say we are friends. If you have a chance to work with Annette, take it. You won't regret it."  Stephen Hawkins, Terre Verde Development        

"Annette proved to be very organized and detail oriented. I can't say enough good things about Annette - as she is dedicated, loyal, meticulous about getting things done correctly. I miss working with her."  Jennifer Weinberg Photography

 "Annette is delightful, professional and great to work with. She is highly organized and completely dependable. You can count on Annette."  Leslie Westbrook, Author - Entrepreneur

"You can always count on Annette to provide top notch attention to your project. She cares! She is also a total pleasure to work with." Michael Seabaugh, Psychologist, Author

"As one of the most tenacious problem solvers I've worked with, Annette has a kind of focus, rarely seen. Her ability to get to the crux of an issue, then implement a reasonable action to resolution is a joy to behold. Annette is very courageous and forthright in her dealings with others and is well liked and trusted by all who come in contact with her. I would recommend Annette in a heartbeat, and have several  times." Jackson Joe Packer, Director, Arnold & Arnold Business Forms
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                "Annette was one of our first employees and learned all facets of our rapidly growing business. Eventually she became supervisor for the manufacturing and the color control departments. Annette is very dependable and highly adaptable.  She will be a valued asset to any firm she joins........"  Michael Machet, President, Machet of Santa Barbara

 "Annette is a competent business manager and facilitator for her clients. We were business associates in two companies and I have watched her manage businesses, run estates and solve difficult issues with ease and creativity. She is relied upon by her clients who have come to trust her to run their lives and to make sound business decisions. In addition, Annette has mentored me in business management and she is a trusted friend."   Kathryn Rogers Millsap, Legal Assistant

I want to add a personal comment for you, Annette - I too really enjoyed seeing you yesterday at Michele's memorial gathering; the Heyer-Schulte years were very formative and memorable for me, and I put a high degree of 'responsibility' on you personally for the great fortune of mine of being part of that group: it was your HR group that opened the door for me, and I see you as a big part of that culture that, really, ultimately allowed me to establish myself professionally and financially to the point where today I have a life, and a peace of mind, that I enjoy immensely. I easily trace back my life today to the Heyer-Schulte organization and your influence thereof. It is ALWAYS a great pleasure to run into you again over the decades. With much respect and admiration, Bill Painter (R.I.P.)